Industry Deal – Half-Off: Sitcom Writing Class (Burbank CA)

Imagine… 8-weeks from now you will have a sitcom script ready to be pitched!

Check out this Industry Deal…

► Details:
For just $197 you can attend the 8-WEEK Sitcom Writing Class with working Television Writer and Comedian, Aaron Denius Garcia at the The Stand Up Comedy Clinic in Burbank, CA from April 21st to June 9th. Classes take place once a week for 8 consecutive weeks(Sundays 4PM-7PM). Normally this would cost $395!

► Details:
You can expect a writer’s room feel as this class is taught in an writer’s room environment.

In the class you’ll learn to brainstorm to flesh out the seed of an idea into a full-blown marketable concept.

You’ll also build relationships with other writers and learn the power of creative synergy.

By the end of the 8 weeks in class, you’ll write and shape a full 30-minute sitcom, ready to be pitched.


► In This Class You Will Learn:
✔ How to Come Up With a Story That Sells!
✔ How to Build Interesting and Unique Comedic Characters
✔ The Difference Between Joke Writing and Sitcom Writing
✔ How to Avoid the Pitfalls Most Sitcom Writers Encounter
✔ How to Beat Out a Story
✔ How Write a Clear and Interesting Treatment. And…
✔ How to Turn it Into a Script that Gets Laughs and Gets Interest

At 50% OFF this Industry Deal is one not to “sit-calm” about!


► Deal Location:
The Stand Up Comedy Clinic
1213 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91506
(Link to Map)

► When:
This Improv class lasts for 8 consecutive weeks taking place on Sundays (4PM-7PM) starting on Sunday, April 21st, 2013 and ending on June 9th, 2013.

► About Aaron Denius Garcia:
Aaron Denius Garcia is both a comedian and a television writer.

His experience from getting his first television job to selling his first script to getting on the show staff might be just what you need to give your dream that kick in the pants its been crying out for!

Aaron will not only teach you the fundamental concepts of sitcom writing, but he can give you a real-world, first hand lessons on how he went from writer’s assistant to pitching is first script to getting it on air to getting a job on staff.

You can learn fundamentals from a book, but Aaron can actually walk you through the writer’s job process because he’s lived it and loves to to share it with others.

You’ll find that this class gives you experience, tools and inspiration!


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