Industry Deal – Half-Off: ‘Unlock The Story Within’ (Download)

Attention Writers! Listen up!

Are you blocked?
Struggling with where your story wants to go?

This Industry Deal will get your story moving in the right direction…


► What You Get:
For just $10 you get to download this 3-hour workshop “Unlock The Story Within” with Instructor Alan Watt (founder and creative director of LA Writers Lab). Watch this workshop whenever and as times as you like. Normally this sells for $20!

In this 3-hour video, Al Watt guides you through seven writing exercises designed to help you get to the heart of your story. Al works one-on-one with a group of writers to illustrate principles that allow you to see beyond your plot to the primal forces beneath it. He shows you how your fears make you uniquely qualified to write your story and helps you connect to the dilemma at the heart of your story which is the source of conflict for all of your characters. This video eschews the left-brain result-oriented approach for a right-brain process-driven approach. Break through and understand your story in a new way.

► Discussed In This 3-Hour Workshop:
✔ Discover what your story is really about
✔ Turn your fears into allies
✔ Understand how and why you are uniquely qualified to write your story
✔ Identify the dramatic question of your story
✔ Discover the universal dilemma at the heart of your story
✔ Isolate the specific want and need of your protagonist
✔ Explore your hero’s transformation in the third act
✔ Clarify the through-line of the story by tracking the “want” through the plot points
✔ Explore the back-story that informs your dramatic question
✔ Allow your characters to begin to speak to you.

At 50% OFF this is a well-written Industry Deal!


► Deal Location:
(No matter where you are located… New York to Los Angeles, London to Tokyo, Melbourne to Vancouver ~ you can be anywhere to take advantage of this Deal.)

► About The Instructor:
Alan Watt (founder and creative director of LA Writers Lab) works in L.A. as a screenwriter and novelist. He is the author of The 90-Day Novel, recently Kindle’s #1 Book on Writing. He is executive producer and screenwriter of the upcoming feature film Diamond Dogs (adapted from his best-selling novel) which is currently in pre-production with France’s Quad Entertainment (Heartbreaker). He has been teaching the workshop since 1997.


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